49th Founder’s Day

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49th Founder’s Day

DeRivera Park, Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Founder’s Day! Celebrate the founding of Put-in-Bay by Hispanic merchant Jose DeRivera. Join us in DeRivera Park from 11am to 4pm for many vendors and lots of fun!

In 1854 a Spanish merchant name Joseph de Rivera bought South Bass, Middle Bass, Sugar, Gibraltar, Ballast and Starve Island for a price of $44,000. He began to develop to islands building a saw mill and a starve mill in the fall of 1854. He had the county engineer survey the area in 10-acre lots. In the first ten years, de Rivera sold 42 parcels of land in South and Middle Bass. He sold a quarter acre of land to the South Bass Board of Education for a dollar. The park downtown is named de Rivera Park in his honor. https://bportlibrary.org/hc/architecture/jose-derivera/

If you’re interested in being a vendor for Founder’s Day, please complete the vendor registration form below.


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Founder’s Day Vendor Registration Is Closed

Applications MUST be submitted by Friday, June 2, 2023. No refunds will be given after the June 2nd deadline.

Space is limited and registration is accepted on a first come basis. A display space is equivalent to a single 10’x10′ space in DeRivera Park. The cost is $50 for a display space equal to or less than a 10’x10′ open space. One eight foot table costs $50, two eight foot tables cost $100, etc. Tables will be provided or you may bring your own. The cost is determined by the space rented and not by whether a table is needed. We will only be providing one (1) table per space rented.

Those who bring a pop-up tent will be charged a flat fee of $50. A single eight (8) foot table will be provided if needed. Vendors must provide their own pop-up tent. Pop-up tent spaces will be ten (10) feet by ten (10) feet, so tents should be no bigger than 10’x10’. You MAY NOT exhibit in the park unless you are a part of this show. THIS IS NOT A TENTED EVENT SO IF YOU WANT TO BE UNDER A TENT, YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN.

Please note,  you will be charged for the space being occupied (10’x10′). No electricity will be provided!

All fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable after the 06/02/2023 deadline. We will not accept registrations after 06/02.

Set up begins at 8:30am on 06/10. We can not accommodate any early arrivals. Tear down must begin promptly at 4pm as vendors must be out of the park by 5pm.

We reserve the right to deny any vendor registration. Any registration fees will be refunded if denied.


DeRivera Park

DeRivera Park, Bayview Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA