Amphicar Days

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Amphicar Days

Amphicars Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Amphicars Put-in-Bay; a South Bass Island summer favorite since 1999!
Join us as we welcome the annual Amphicar Reunion to Put-in-Bay, Ohio!
A gathering of these rare and amazing 1960’s “swimming sportscars” will be here at Put-in-Bay on Monday and Tuesday, with extra visits happening through Saturday. Don’t miss these must-see cars! Amphicars Put-in-Bay.
An icon of the “Swingin 60’s”, when we were going to the moon, and James Bond flew with a jet-pack, these cars are the only full-production amphibious car ever made. Built in West Germany with BMW & Dodge-family backing, for a few special years in the space age 60’s, everyone could be as cool as 007 with their own Amphicar.  Featured in movies, TV shows…and even as a grand prize on “The Price is Right”, these rare cars are now highly-prized collectibles, with young and old sharing the same wide-eyed love for them. You never forget the first time you saw a car drive into the water, and say OMG – can this be REAL!!   Yes, Virginia, they’re real….and if you play your cards right, you might even get a ride in one of the amphicars Put-in-Bay!
SCHEDULE: Day 1: Monday July 31  Amphicars Put-in-Bay
11AM – Arrive on 11AM Miller ferry
1245PM – Parade to the waterfront and around the square –  park at ramp for photos
1PM –  Cars “splash-in” at ramp, followed by an PIB Amphicar Harbor-Parade (livestreamed on the Put In Bay Island Guide facebook page & the PIB Boardwalk Webcam)
130PM –  cars do their annual “Island-Swim” to Middle Bass for lunch,
5PM  –  Return to the ramps for swims, Happy Hour at the Keys, and visit businesses around the square and in the water until last call Monday night!
SCHEDULE: Day 2: Tuesday August 1
Mid morning – Arrive downtown, hitting all the popular businesses & attractions. Cars and owners will be on-island thru the day, generally based at the ramp next to the Jet Express for questions, trivia and fun
730pm –  Return to the Mainland
(Docks Beach Bar, Port Clinton till closing every night through Saturday)
Amphicars Put-in-Bay will return to the Bay for occasional day-visits:  Wednesday through Saturday
Beach it up, Bay lovers-  with the coolest cars ever built the sportscar that swims!
For more info –  call 203-910-7903

Spotlight on Amphicar Owners

Billy Syx – Mays Landing, NJ
One of the few people in the world who restores Amphicars, Billy Syx is a respected expert on them. While traveling thru Ohio in 1999, he spotted the Erie Islands on a map, and decided to check it out. With his famous yellow car “SPLASH”, he has been bringing his Amphicar-friends to the area every summer since! Of the uncountable locations Billy has traveled with his Amphicars, Lake Erie is his favorite.
Jon March –  Glastonbury CT
Jon grew up with the Jetsons, the Rat Pack and Lost in Space, and his best friend became Frank Zappa’s keyboard player. When he saw an Amphicar gassing up at the New York Worlds Fair in 64, he knew he needed one when he grew up. Although he never grew up, he did get an Amphicar. “Jonny Swing” says “life’s short: drive into the water!” He is always ready with great stories and Amphicar fun.


Dr Craig Oiler –  Catawba Island, OH
Craig grew up loving the water, and saw his first Amphicar about 30 years ago. Years later, when another one photobombed his PIB wedding to Jen, he knew it was a good sign! Craig and his friend Brian Snyder are two of the newest owners in America of rare 1960’s Amphicars, and spend much of the summer at Park Place Boat Club on Put-in-Bay.
Check out some family fun while you’re here for the Amphicars Put-in-Bay!
amphicars put-in-bay
amphicars put-in-bay
Amphicars Put-in-Bay


8/ 1/2023