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Benson Ford Shiphouse Tours

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Benson Ford Shiphouse Tours: An Exclusive Look Inside a Put-in-Bay Icon

Step aboard history with an exclusive tour of the Benson Ford Shiphouse on June 9, 2024, from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM. This architectural marvel, once part of a Ford Motor Company cargo ship, now stands as one of Put-in-Bay’s most intriguing homes. Rarely open to the public, this event offers a unique opportunity to explore the shiphouse’s storied halls and captivating views. Secure your spot for this rare glimpse inside a true American original, and support local charities in the process. Buy your tickets here!

A Nautical Legacy Transformed

The Benson Ford Shiphouse isn’t just a home; it’s a piece of nautical history repurposed into a residential masterpiece. Perched on the shores of Lake Erie, this former cargo vessel section now serves as a private residence with a story to tell. Its transformation from ship to house is a testament to innovation and creativity, making it a must-see for both architecture enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Tour Details and Ticket Information

With limited parking available on-site, visitors are encouraged to arrive via taxi, shuttle, or golf cart. Golf cart parking will be provided at Alfred Parker Park, with a short walk to the tour’s starting point. Tickets are required for entry and can be purchased through Eventbrite, with proceeds benefiting the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce, Alfred Parker Park, and other island charities.

A Journey into Architectural Wonder

The Benson Ford Shiphouse tours promises an intimate look at the shiphouse’s unique interior, including its maritime-inspired design elements and panoramic views that capture the essence of life on Lake Erie. It’s a living showcase of both the past and present, where the spirit of the Benson Ford continues to sail on as an emblem of Put-in-Bay’s rich heritage.

Join us for a day of discovery at the Benson Ford Shiphouse tours and be part of preserving the legacy of our island community.

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6/ 9/2024

Benson Ford Shiphouse

Benson Ford Shiphouse, Ashburn Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA