My Island Wedding
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November 30, 2016
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March 21, 2018

My Island Wedding

Many want to be a June bride or groom, but there’s only four weekends in June and limited venues. Put-in-Bay is a special place that many couples see as a wonderful alternative to the big church wedding. Last winter we traveled to Mackinac Island. While we were there we learned that one of the business owners up there had realized that over the past few years many couples had expressed to him an interest in wanting a wedding on the island but did not know how to go about organizing it. So they set up a shop to rent gowns and tux and provide wedding services. Last year they had over 750 island weddings!

So the proverbial light went off, and we thought, hey we can do that! This year we have organized a special page on our Put-in-Bay Chamber web site (  just for weddings. We have some beautiful spots here for inspired nuptials, a wedding planner and Officiant (Maisie Ruchala of Island Wedding Services) and special reception destinations like the Boardwalk, Crews Nest and South Bass Island Lighthouse.

We have fantastic island caterers and some great island photographers like Susan Byrnes of Put-in-Bay Studios to capture that special moment too. We truly live in a charming place and we know that many couples would love to have their special day here at the Bay. Its not that difficult either. With a little preplanning you could have that dream destination island wedding. Don’t wait until the day before, although Maisie has been able to pull off some amazing things for eloping couples. Put-in-Bay, island romance and that special day are just an email away at !