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The Wake at Round House Bar

Event Details

“The Wake” at the Round House Bar: A Unique End-of-Season Celebration

Join the local tradition of “The Wake” at the Round House Bar in Put-in-Bay on October 19, 2024. This unique event, now in its 35th year, symbolically mourns the end of another vibrant Put-in-Bay summer season. Guests are encouraged to dress in black to participate in the festivities, which include live music and a lively atmosphere. The Red Moon transforms into a Haunted Bar, offering a spooky journey through a season-ending casket display. The evening then continues at the Round House Bar for a night of cold drinks, live entertainment, and the iconic Put-in-Bay party atmosphere.

The Haunted Bar Experience

Explore the Red Moon’s transformation into a Haunted Bar, adding a thrilling twist to the traditional wake theme, complete with a casket representing the season’s end.

Live Entertainment and Party Atmosphere

The Round House Bar will be alive with music and celebration, offering a chance to enjoy one last night of Put-in-Bay’s famous entertainment and party scene for the season.

A Gathering for Seasonal Workers and Locals

“The Wake” coincides with Homecoming Weekend, where past seasonal workers return to relive their memories, making it a reunion of sorts for those who’ve spent summers at the Bay.

A Reflection on Put-in-Bay’s Winter Transformation

The event provides an opportunity to reflect on the stark contrast between the lively summer season and the quiet winter months when the island transforms into a more subdued, close-knit community.

Your Last Chance for a Put-in-Bay Visit This Year

For those who haven’t made Halloween plans, “The Wake” marks the last opportunity to experience Put-in-Bay before it winds down for the year.

Join in the Unique Festivities

Don’t miss this distinctive event that captures the spirit of Put-in-Bay. “The Wake” offers a blend of fun, nostalgia, and a unique way to bid farewell to the summer season.


Round House Bar

The Roundhouse Bar, Delaware Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA