Put-in-Bay gatewood

Bob Gatewood

In 1985, Bob Gatewood and Calabash started in the Flats of Cleveland and quickly became the house band at several clubs, Within a year, they were also playing the Round House on Put-in-Bay and Sloppy Joe’s in Key West. They were to become the benchmark in all three markets. Playing a blend of their own songs and lots of favorites. A few years ago Bob moved to Put-in-Bay.

He plays solo and tours with Calabash, but mostly just to the other side of the island. The tour bus is mainly a golf cart, but he still kicks out great rock’n’roll. He leaves the island for an occasional festival or yacht club gig, but mainly kicks out about a hundred shows a summer on the beloved island community he calls home. You can see him regularly at the Fishbowl and the Roundhouse

Bob Gatewood
Put-in-Bay the ray fogg show

Ray Fogg

The Ray Fogg Show now appears exclusively at the Reel Bar and the Roundhouse Bar beginning Island audiences have been leaving after Ray Fogg’s adult oriented music/comedy shows with a smile on their face for over 25 years. The Sweetwater Recording artist has released 6 CDs showcasing his considerable songwriting talents, with songs about time-honored island traditions as well as lots of material that is just plain funny. The Detroit News said Fogg “weaves music, comedy and heartfelt songs about island life into an entertaining show.” The Columbus Dispatch called him “one of Put-in-Bay’s most popular entertainers.” Cleveland’s Sun Papers said, “What attracts people to Fogg’s shows is his ability to write, and better yet ad lib, edgy comical songs and anecdotes perfectly suited to a beer-drinking crowd.” Fogg appears most weekend nights through the season at the Reel Bar (at 7pm) and on select spring and fall dates at the Roundhouse Bar.

Ray Fogg
(The Reel Bar)
461 Catawba Ave
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

Live Music is what makes Put-in-Bay summers special.

Bands from all over the country flock to the music scene here on the island for the chance to play for our island guests. There’s something for just about everyone. Check out venues like the Reel Bar, where island favorites like The Ray Fogg Show play every weekend in season and the Round House Bar that has been rocking the downtown Put-in-Bay music scene for decades with must see acts like Bob Gatewood with the Calabash Band.

You’ll find that many visiting funk, country, folk, and rock bands perform at great music listening spaces like The Boathouse, and Hooligans. And then there’s the island’s disc jockeys that create a fabric of summer sound that echoes all along the avenue. We know they will get you dancing. There are several Island venues whose entertainment includes regular barroom singers or duos that you will want to check out including Mojito Bay, Blu Luna, Frosty BarSand BarTopsy TurveyOld Forge CafeThe KeysFish Bowl and The Crew’s Nest.

So be sure to check the Put-in-Bay Gazette, the music venue websites. Put-in-Bay is the place to enjoy some live music daily!