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Art in the Park

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“Art in the Park” at Put-in-Bay: A Celebration of Creativity

Discover the vibrant world of regional arts and crafts at “Art in the Park” in Put-in-Bay on September 7, 2024. Held in DeRivera Park, and sponsored by Shores and Islands Ohio, from 10 AM to 5 PM, this event showcases a diverse array of original works including photography, watercolor, acrylic, pottery, and glass. Enjoy live demonstrations by talented artists and explore a wide range of creative mediums. This event offers a perfect opportunity for art enthusiasts and families alike to engage with the artistic community in a picturesque outdoor setting.


A Showcase of Talent and Originality

Regional artists and craftspeople will display and sell their unique creations, offering visitors a chance to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces directly from the creators.

Live Demonstrations: Art in Action

Witness the creative process firsthand as artists demonstrate their skills. These live demonstrations provide an insightful glimpse into the techniques and dedication behind each work of art.

A Day of Artistic Exploration

“Art in the Park” is more than an art show; it’s a day-long celebration of creativity and craftsmanship, inviting visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in the world of art.

Vendor Opportunities

Artists and craftspeople interested in participating can register for a space. The event emphasizes original work, ensuring an authentic and diverse array of art for attendees to enjoy. Scroll to the bottom of this page for vendor registration.

Engaging Experience for All Ages

The event is family-friendly, providing an enriching experience for both young art lovers and seasoned enthusiasts. It’s a perfect setting for families to explore, learn, and appreciate the arts together.

Planning Your Visit

With activities running throughout the day, plan to spend time exploring the various exhibits and demonstrations. The park’s central location offers easy access to other island attractions as well.

A Memorable Day at DeRivera Park

Set in the scenic DeRivera Park, “Art in the Park” combines the beauty of art with the natural charm of Put-in-Bay, making it an ideal destination for a day trip.

Art in the Community

This event underscores the importance of art in the community, bringing together artists, residents, and visitors in a shared appreciation of creativity and culture.

Join the Celebration of Art

Mark your calendars for a day of artistic discovery and community spirit at “Art in the Park” in Put-in-Bay. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply looking for a unique way to spend the day, this event promises an enriching and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Vendor Registration Form

Applications for Art in the Park Put-in-Bay MUST be submitted by Friday, August 23, 2024. We remind you that this show is being advertised as artists and crafts people displaying their original work. We urge you to not display anything that you did not create yourself. No refunds will be given after the August 23rd deadline.

Space is limited and registration is accepted on a first come basis. A display space is equivalent to a single eight (8) foot table under the large tent in DeRivera Park. The cost is $50 for a display space equal to or less than an eight (8) foot table. One eight foot table costs $50, two eight foot tables cost $100, etc. Tables will be provided or you may bring your own. The cost is determined by the space rented and not by whether a table is needed. We will only be providing one (1) table per space rented.

Artists who bring a pop-up tent will be charged a flat fee of $75. A single eight (8) foot table will be provided if needed. Artists must provide their own pop-up tent. Pop-up tent spaces will be ten (10) feet by ten (10) feet, so tents should be no bigger than 10’x10’. You MAY NOT exhibit in the park unless you are a part of this show. Art in the Park Put-in-Bay

Please note, if your display takes up the space of a 10’x10’ tent, then you will be charged for the space being occupied. No electricity will be provided!

All fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable after the 08/25/2023 deadline. We will not accept registrations after 08/23.

Set up begins at 8am on 09/07. We can not accommodate any early arrivals. Tear down must begin promptly at 5pm as artists must be out of the park by 6pm.

We reserve the right to deny any vendor registration. Any registration fees will be refunded if denied.


9/ 7/2024

DeRivera Park

DeRivera Park, Bayview Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA