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Whiskey Light Celebration

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Whiskey Light Celebration at Round House Bar

Join us at the Round House Bar for the annual Whiskey Light Celebration, a beloved Put-in-Bay tradition marking the start of the island’s vibrant season. This event centers around the iconic moment when the Whiskey Light is lit, symbolizing the awakening of Put-in-Bay’s lively spirit. Enjoy a day filled with music, laughter, and community, highlighted by a performance from Ray Fogg singing his iconic song, “Look For The Whiskey Light.” Whether you’re an island regular or a first-time visitor, this celebration promises a warm welcome and a festive atmosphere that captures the essence of Put-in-Bay.

The Heart of the Celebration

The Whiskey Light, hanging above the Round House Bar’s entrance, is more than a light; it’s a symbol of unity and joy. As it shines, it brings together friends old and new, igniting a season of fun and excitement. The bar, with its rich history and circular architecture, provides the perfect backdrop for this iconic event, enveloping everyone in an atmosphere of warmth and festivity. Here, under the glow of the Whiskey Light, memories are made, and the island spirit thrives.

A Musical Tradition

Ray Fogg’s performance is a cornerstone of the Whiskey Light Celebration. His song, “Look For The Whiskey Light,” resonates with island-goers, embodying the spirit and energy of Put-in-Bay. As Ray takes the stage, his music fills the air, transforming the Round House Bar into a hub of singing, dancing, and shared joy. This musical experience is not just entertainment; it’s a cherished tradition that brings the community together, year after year.

Exploring Put-in-Bay

While the Whiskey Light Celebration is the highlight, Put-in-Bay offers much more. With a variety of accommodations, from cozy hotels to luxurious villas, the island invites guests to extend their stay and explore. Discover scenic trails, historic sites, and local cuisine. Each corner of the island presents a new adventure, from tranquil nature walks to vibrant nightlife. Put-in-Bay is a destination where every visit creates lifelong memories.

A Community United

The Whiskey Light Celebration is a reflection of Put-in-Bay’s strong community spirit. It’s a day when locals and visitors alike come together, sharing stories and laughter, united under the light’s warm glow. This event is more than a party; it’s a testament to the island’s welcoming nature, where everyone is invited to join in the festivities and become part of the Put-in-Bay family.

Seasonal Festivities

Following the lighting of the Whiskey Light, the island buzzes with activities and events throughout the season. Each week brings something new, from live music at various venues to festive gatherings and community events. The Whiskey Light serves as a starting point for a season filled with joy, entertainment, and the unique charm of island life.

A Taste of Island Cuisine

Put-in-Bay isn’t just about the vibrant party atmosphere; it’s also a haven for food enthusiasts. The island boasts a diverse array of dining options, from seafood fresh from Lake Erie to classic American fare and international cuisines. Each restaurant and eatery offers its unique twist on local and global flavors, making dining at Put-in-Bay an adventure in itself. Visitors can enjoy meals with stunning lake views, adding to the overall experience of the Whiskey Light Celebration.

Nature’s Beauty at Put-in-Bay

For those who appreciate nature, Put-in-Bay is a treasure trove of natural beauty. The island’s parks and preserves offer serene landscapes, perfect for hiking, bird watching, or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature. The lush greenery and scenic shores provide a peaceful contrast to the lively atmosphere of the Whiskey Light Celebration, showcasing the island’s diverse appeal.

Historical Exploration

Put-in-Bay is rich in history, with landmarks and museums that tell the story of the island’s past. Visitors can explore historic sites, learn about the island’s role in regional history, and gain insight into the heritage that shapes Put-in-Bay today. This blend of historical exploration and modern celebration makes the Whiskey Light event a truly unique experience.

Waterfront Leisure

The shores of Put-in-Bay offer a range of waterfront activities, from leisurely boat rides to fishing and water sports. The lake provides a picturesque backdrop for the Whiskey Light Celebration, reminding visitors of the island’s connection to the natural world. Whether it’s a sunset cruise or a day spent on the water, the lake adds an element of adventure to any visit.

Family-Friendly Fun

Put-in-Bay is a destination for all ages. Beyond the Whiskey Light Celebration, the island offers numerous family-friendly activities. From miniature golf and bike rentals to educational attractions, there’s something for everyone. Families can create lasting memories while enjoying the island’s safe and welcoming environment.

An Invitation to Celebrate

As we approach the Whiskey Light Celebration, the Round House Bar and the entire Put-in-Bay community extend a warm invitation to join this unique event. It’s a time to celebrate, connect, and experience the joy of island living. Mark your calendars and prepare to be part of a tradition that lights up not just the bar, but the hearts of all who attend.

Continuing the Legacy

Each year, the Whiskey Light Celebration adds a new chapter to Put-in-Bay’s story. This event isn’t just a yearly occurrence; it’s a legacy that continues to grow and evolve, drawing in new faces and embracing returning friends. Be a part of this enduring tradition, and let the Whiskey Light illuminate your experience at Put-in-Bay.


Whiskey LightWhiskey Light Whiskey Light Whiskey Light

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Round House Bar

The Roundhouse Bar, Delaware Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA